The long term impact of the present pandemic and consequent measures to contain it through extended periods of Lock Down and social distancing remains to be unraveled. Though we have endured various disasters, natural and man made, never has there been such a colossal calamity! Covid-19 refused to honor national borders and travel permits! It […]

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The theme of lament was indeed a very unlikely choice. As the year dawned, new year wishes to a friend of mine came back with a very startling and poignant response; ‘…it’s been a difficult year. I almost don’t have the courage to face the new year’. Caught by surprise though, how true he was […]

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One of placards held by one of the protesters in the Citizens March organized in the city on 9th January caught my attention. It said, “Will someone return to me the country that I was proud of as a child.” The words somehow resonated with me, stirring in my mind the pictures of that India […]

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Hi, TRACI (Theological Research and Communication Institute) invites you for a one day exciting workshop on Media & Story Telling. Aimed at developing writing as well as media skills of young people,  we have renowned photojournalist Mr. Vishal Arora as the Resource Person.Limited to just 30 participants, we welcome you to register through the link […]

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The Cost of Christmas

For the last several weeks and months, every morning I open the newspaper  to read that the economy is doing badly; that the Indian economy grew by less than 5 percent in 2019 and that perhaps worse is to come. Newspaper  headlines come to life in other ways ; at the market , a lot […]

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Climate Change and its implications: A Christian response

India is the fifth most vulnerable country to climate change according to report released by Environment think tank Germanwatch, we have newspaper reports callings out Delhi as a smoke chamber, stories of floods, records storms, drought etc. And in the midst of rising concerns on environment and the seemingly apathy of countries and leaders; democratic […]

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Higher Education In India: Issues & Challenges [Students’ Perspective]

TRACI organised the second in its series, on the topic “Higher Education in India: Issues and Challenges” [A Students’ Perspective]. The first discussion revolved on the very calling of the university as against the challenges of the day. The second conversation was led by robust and young scholars from the five major universities and institutions […]

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An Interview With Basil and Shirley Scott

Mathew Varghese, Director of TRACI, interviewing Basil and Shirley Scott in the Spring of 2017. Mathew: Do you have a rough idea when you began to get associated with TRACI? Basil: From the beginning… Bruce acquired this building. I can’t remember the exact day. The idea was to have a community of writers… these people […]

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On Capital Punishment

Last year around this time, triggered by an event organised to commemorate the execution of Afzal Guru, a raging debate on sedition, capital punishment and nationalism engulfed the whole of India. This year the death sentence given to Nirbhaya gangrape convicts is making headlines again. Given the gravity of the sentence and the complexity involved, […]

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A Lament at Christmas

In this season of Christmas, as decorations and celebrations crowd around us, I have been thinking about exiles a lot and the whole notion of celebration while in exile in a foreign land. This happened after I turned up in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi, within the precincts of its famous Central Market, where there is a […]

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