A Story of Learning & Living

I am indebted to TRACI for shedding light on the depth of Integral Mission through its online course (3rd batch, 28 Jan-11 April 2024 with 30 participants, 18 being overseas participants). The course underscored the collective responsibility of the Church to participate in God’s mission of reconciliation and redemption of whole creation.

Integral Mission transcends traditional ministry boundaries by integrating faith and work to tackle diverse issues. It calls believers to embody Christ’s love in all spheres, catalysing positive societal change. Essentially, it advocates for a holistic approach to God’s mission, emphasizing the transformative power of faith in every aspect of life for the betterment of individuals and communities, ultimately bringing glory to God.

At the work front, my focus is centred on community development with Nirmaan Society, in language and livelihood enhancement for marginalized groups across India. Despite a very structured approach, involving churches in our endeavours has proved challenging. Many fail to grasp integral mission and view community development as separate from ministry. However, this course on Integral Mission has been a game-changer. It offered a comprehensive perspective, highlighting the pivotal role of the church in fulfilling God’s mission holistically.

My life has been transformed and it has motivated me to actively participate in impactful endeavours within my local congregation and beyond. I have realized the urgent need to educate fellow believers about integral mission and advocate for its incorporation into church ministries. I am committed to participate in God’s mission for the betterment of individuals and communities.  

                                      –Manish Kumar, Bangalore  

April 2024