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With the escalation of violence in the Israel- Palestine conflict, there has been intense polarization within families, institutions and churches. Conversations are increasingly challenging amongst Christians. At one end is the strand of Christianity that holds that the return of Jews to the region is a necessary pre- cursor to the second coming of Jesus Christ; at the other end of the spectrum is the strand of Christianity that sees no connection whatsoever between current State of Israel and biblical references to ‘Israel’.

This is a very sensitive and highly controversial topic, and we have the pleasure of having Dr Vinoth Ramachandra explore this topic with us on the online  reflection. 

Vinoth Ramachandra lives in Sri Lanka, and has served in various roles for over four decades with IFES, an international network of over 160 autonomous, national, university Christian organizations. He holds bachelors and doctoral degrees in nuclear engineering from the University of London. He has authored several articles and books on Christian theology as it relates to mission in secular and religiously
pluralist societies. He has also been an advisor and associate of the Faraday Institute of Science & Religion, Micah Global, the Oxford Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies, and A Rocha International.

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Topic: TRACI December Reflection

Time: Dec 15, 2023 07:00 PM India

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