Training is a vital component of the activities of TRACI. Our various training events are planned based on the suggested felt needs of the Christian community by the research wing of TRACI. At the same time all our training programs are deeply rooted in the theology of Integral Mission. Therefore, training programs are not the end but the means to equip and empower the Christian community with a missional focus and thrust.


To conduct/coordinate contextually relevant and effective teaching and training programs that will equip the Christian community to serve God’s purposes/concerns, with a biblical worldview, – in line with the vision and mission of TRACI.

Scope of the Training Component.

To be the teaching & training wing of TRACI that maintains a framework for training needs, and develops resources required for contemporary teaching/training and facilitates all training events.

Training focus areas.

  • Integral Mission
  • Faith and Active Citizenship (Political Engagement)
  • Research Methodology
  • Gender Concerns and Biblical Equality
  • Internship for Theological Students

Broad Objectives of the Training Events.

  • To provide a theological framework to enable an integral understanding of the Christian Mission so that the participants will have a holistic perspective on their life and engagement.
  • To create awareness and stimulate critical thinking on society, polity and contemporary issues of significance juxtaposing with the Christian faith.
  • To encourage dialogue and discussion among Christians so as to deepen their understanding of various crucial issues leading to a redemptive engagement.
  • To equip participants to engage from an integral framework, in the context of their calling, work /ministry.

Annual Training Programs.


  • Course on Faith and Active Citizenship
  • Course on Research Methodology
  • Course on Gender Concerns and Biblical Equality
  • Course on Integral Mission


  • Theological Students Internship Training (One month)