Research is a key component of TRACI’s vision and programmes. It provides direction and insight needed to fulfil the vision of TRACI for ‘integrated response and transformative engagement.’ TRACI hopes to strategically position itself as the leading Christian Research organization that provides information and analysis with researched evidence.

The contribution and role of research is generally overlooked and limited to mainly the academic exercise but research has a great potential to contribute towards effective engagements. The Church and various Christian ministries can benefit much intentionally planned researches. Robust analysis of issues based on accurate information and facts when coupled with theological reflections paves the way for evidence-based approach to issues. It also creates the ecosystem for informed conversations on matters of interest for the church and society. However, research is yet to occupy a space that it deserves in influencing the Church in India on matters of significance.

Our research unit hopes to engage:

  • Churches
  • Para-Church Organizations
  • Mission Agencies
  • Christian Organizations
  • To bridge the critical gap that exists between research and engagement


Completed Research.

# Gender Violence against Women in Indian Christian Families: An Inquiry into the Attitudes and Response of the Church

# Assessing the needs of NE Delhi



  • Caste and the Church in India

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