Our People

Sathish Joseph Simon

Sathish is the Director of TRACI. He has spent most of his life with the University Mission in India. His M.Th is in Pastoral Theology. Most recently he gave leadership for the TRACI –IFES assignment on producing materials for the university students integrating scholarship and Christian faith, especially in the South Asian Context.

Dr. Bonnie Miriam Jacob

Bonnie is the Director of Research for TRACI. With a PhD from JNU, she comes with her experience of research and training in the Developmental sector based out of Delhi. Also, as an Editor in TRACI she has brought out books on Public Theology and Covid-19 Complexities and Consequences. She also recently guided the research on Gender Violence against Women in Indian Christian Families

Issacc Thomas

Issacc is the Director of Training. He comes with a rich experience, serving the University Mission in India. With a Masters in Theology, Isaac gives leadership for all the training programmes in TRACI. The recent courses on Integral Mission and Faith and Active Citizenship have excelled well under his guidance.

Juliana Kimneilam

Juliana is the Research Associate in TRACI. With a Master’s in Sociology from JNU, she has been involved in various qualitative research projects focusing on gender and organizational sociology. Julian being agile on the social media platforms has made communications from TRACI on events and Publications accessible across.

Akishe K Jakha

Akishe works as the Research Associate in TRACI. With a M. Phil from JNU he is a Cinema and Media Scholar. His research areas include regional film culture and history, film market and circulation, material and infrastructural history, visual culture, and photographs, among others.
He will be undertaking the Research on “Church and Political Engagement” at TRACI.


Raaj Mondol is Director-Thought Leadership. As a leader with clear perspectives, his role is to equip younger generation become thoughtful christian leaders. He also plans to develop a christian think tank of writers and thinkers that will raise an alternative voice for the times. Raaj has a Graduate and Post Graduate degree in English literature. He completed his M.A and M.Phil (International Studies) from JNU, New Delhi.