TRACI as a Christian Research Community was born out of a deep desire to communicate theological perspectives on contemporary issues for the flourishing of the church and society in India. In the imagination of the founding members, they desired TRACI to be a facilitation centre for the study of and research into the belief and practices of the Christian Church and the community life of Indian Society. This was carried out with all eagerness and reverence. The initial writings and publications stand as proof of their dedicated labour of love.

Over the last five decades while society has aspired to keep this vision abreast; there were times the movement had to also introspect and revive itself again. The last decade has seen efforts to renew TRACI keeping in mind the original vision of the community.  

In continuing the God-given vision, we at TRACI do deeply respect the past and thank God for all that we have benefitted from those who have carried out the vision of TRACI faithfully thus far. We also seek to renew ourselves to be relevant to our times. It calls us to understand the happenings around us and keep our ears and hearts open to what God has to say through his Word.

The key focus areas for TRACI – integral mission, gender equality and society and polity – will time and again be discussed, researched and taught, integrating it with theological reflections. In doing so, we do not stand alone, rather we shall stand alongside the Church and all mission movements in partnership. TRACI requires your support and prayers as we continue in our calling to bring significant impact both for the Church and the Society in India and elsewhere.