We Seek your Support

Dear Friends and Society Members of TRACI,

Warm greetings from TRACI,

We do hope and pray that you will have a meaningful time with friends and family this Christmas Season.

As TRACI, the year 2023 has been very eventful. We are grateful for the number of people we were able to intentionally influence either through our training, publication, research or reflections. We are also grateful for your prayers and willing contributions. As we begin the new year, the Lord has promised to lead us, as we set our eyes on Him. We do see more opportunities to network and minister through the Churches and Mission Organisations. The Lord in his purposes is also bringing in people to serve the movement and we are grateful.

This year, we were able to publish 4 books that engage faith and scholarship. Two more books are on their way to press: Engaging the Gendered World as Christians and Convictions and Challenges: Essays on Faith and Social Realities in India.

We seek your prayer for the ongoing research on: Mental health among University Students and Church Response, University movements in India and their Engagement with the University World, Church and Political Engagement and Technology and Ministry.

May I make this special appeal; would you partner with us in meeting our financial needs. Our yearly budget is around ₹ 85,00,000 which works out to a monthly need of ₹ 7,08,333. Solicit your prayers and willing support. Please do find the bank details below.

Once again wishing you a blessed Christmas and a happy New year.


Joseph Manoharan

Treasurer, TRACI

Account Name: TRACI

A/c No. 072501000006876 IFSC: IOBA0000725

Indian Overseas Bank, GK-II New Delhi – 110048

For our donors from 0utside India:

Tax-deductible contributions can be made to TrustBridge Global USA as we are a registered US 501(c)(3) charity.

When making an electronic fund contribution, either by EFT, ACH, or wire, it is very important to send a follow-up email with the date of the transaction, your name, and mailing address to receive a tax receipt, along with the recommendation that the funds go to Theological Research And Communication Institute (TRACI) Fund # 203025 to Tricia Collins at tcollins@trustbridgeglobal.com.

Contributions need to include a cover letter that includes your name and address for the tax receipt, and indicate that the contribution is for Theological Research And Communication

Institute (TRACI) Fund # 203025.

For US givers that utilize donor advised funds, please contact your provider for instructions on making a grant to TrustBridge Global Foundation USA. Please follow the email instructions above for proper fund credit.

TRACI Address:

Theological Research and  Communication Institute (TRACI)

NEW DELHI-110048