In line with our ‘ vision and mission’ TRACI generates content through seminars, lectures and research thus far, various publications have been initiated as journals and books. We have a list of books written, edited and or published so far under the banner of TRACI and others.  To make things easy we highlighted the title, contents, scanned book cover, author/editor and their publication year are given in the following tabular form. In order to view the detailed contents along with the cover page in PDF format please click the hyperlink that is attached to the book title.                                 

As TRACI community it is our desire and our encouragement to read these relevant topics and themes as much as we can- at the individual level and the Church at large. Let us be informed by inculcating the habit of reading, thinking critically and writing standing up to what’s happening in the contemporary world with a theological and biblical perspective. So that we can be agents of change, transforming the world that we live in through a Christ-centered holistic approach.

If you want to grab a copy for yourself please have a look at the book catalogue and get in touch with us: or access some of them at:

Sl. No.Book TitleAuthor/EditorPublication Year
1.Convictions and Challenges: Essays on Faith and Social Realities in IndiaEd. Jeremiah Veino Duomai2024
2.Engaging The Gendered World as ChristiansEd.Bonnie Miriam Jacob2024
3SUICIDE PREVENTION – A TOOL KIT (Free Download)Sopna Joshua2023
4God’s Calling and the University (Click for free download)Vinoth Ramachandra2023
5The Joy of Learning: Engaging Faith and Scholarship (Essays in Social Sciences)Ed. Vasanthi Thevanesam2023
6The Joy of Learning: Engaging Faith and Scholarship (Essays in Science and Technology)
Ed. Vasanthi Thevanesam2023
7The Joy of Learning: Engaging Faith and Scholarship (Essays in Humanities, Law and Education)Ed. Vasanthi Thevanesam2023
8Violence Against Women In Indian Christian Families: An Inquiry Into The Response Of The ChurchA. Lozaanba Khumbah and Dr. Bonnie Miriam Jacob2023

Covid-19 Complexities and Consequences: Reflections from a Christian Perspective

Public Theology: Exploring Expressions of the Christian Faith
Ed.Bonnie Miriam Jacob

Ed.Bonnie Miriam Jacob

11Climate Change: Faith and ActionEd. Veio Pou2020
12Engaging the University: A Christian PerspectiveEd. Jeremiah Veino Duomai2016
13Hidden Treasures: Reflections on the Kingdom of GodValson Thampu2008
14Faith and Family: Signposts to Fullness of LifeValson Thampu2005
15Tongues of Fire-Sermons for TodayValson Thampu2001
16Bible: The Armour of Light by K.P. AppanTranslated by Valson Thampu1997
17Be Thou my Vision: Spiritual Resources for the Healing MinistryValson Thampu1997
18The Word and the World: A Biblical Perspective on Contemporary IssuesValson Thampu1997
19Cross-cultural issues in AIDS: An Afro-Asian AdvocacyValson Thampu1995
20Rediscovering Mission: Towards a Non-Western missiological paradigmValson Thampu1995
21AIDS Heresy and Prophecy: What the Virus SaysValson Thampu1993
22The Essentials of BuddhismMoti Lal Pandit1994
23Dharmandran /The Confusion Called Conversion (Hindi)Christopher Sunder Raj1991
24Mission as Witness and JusticeEds: Bruce J. Nicholls & Christopher S. Raj1991
25The Dream & the Dragon: The Truth About Substance AbuseValson Thampu1994
26 Saivism-A Religio-Philosophical History Moti Lal Pandit 1987
The Confusion Called Conversion
Sunder Raj 1986
28We have seen His star: A study in divine communicationAnthony Philip Stone1983
29Did Marx Kill GodMoti Lal Pandit1981
31Philosophy of the Upanishads: A Christian UnderstandingMoti Lal Pandit1978
32I want to marry her, but her horoscope don’t matchTRACI1978
33The Prodigal Returns-A Christian Approach to DramaKathleen Nicholls1977