“Mental Health Issues of Christian  Students in Indian Universities and the Response of the Church.” 

The Theological Research and Communication Institute (TRACI), Delhi is studying “Mental Health Issues of Christian  Students in Indian Universities and the Response of the Church.” 
The survey is designed to collect information about students’ mental health experiences. Along with the personal struggles of students, the study would like to understand the experiences of church leaders, mental health professionals and caregivers, and university faculty who have engaged with these students. We believe that the study has much to benefit from you as it will the church. 
The information you provide will be useful in helping the Church and the Christian community provide services and interventions to meet the needs and wishes of individuals struggling with their mental and emotional health.
Your participation in the survey is voluntary. If you choose to participate, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire that will take approximately 15 minutes. The questionnaire is confidential, and your responses will not be shared with anyone outside of the research team. Please take the time to complete the enclosed questionnaire. There are no correct or incorrect responses, only your much-needed opinions. If there is anyone willing to share their experiences with mental health, including challenges they’ve faced, coping mechanisms they’ve found helpful, and advice they have for others, please reach out to us through our email at tracinewdelhi@gmail.com or call us at 7506715312.

All responses will be treated with confidentiality and will in no way be traceable to individual respondents once the survey process has been concluded. 

If you belong to any of the categories outlined below, please access the corresponding link and fill out the online survey form.

Students in Higher Education – https://ee.kobotoolbox.org/x/veRkIuZc 

Mental Healthcare Providers – https://ee.kobotoolbox.org/x/4BgtAP0l 

Family Members and Caregivers – https://ee.kobotoolbox.org/x/Y9dKaSi0  

Professionals and non-teaching faculty – https://ee.kobotoolbox.org/x/892QMMCY 

Pastors and other Church Leaders – https://ee.kobotoolbox.org/x/DP0XClKJ 

Youth/Ministry leaders and Informed Lay Members – https://ee.kobotoolbox.org/x/evmaOg5D  

The survey will be open till 30th October, 2023.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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