3 thoughts on “Higher Education In India: Issues & Challenges [Students’ Perspective]

  1. Very good to see such discussions that too from the students’perspective! I wish these things could be discussed in the universities itself, students will have the freedom to express themselves which will in turn bring changes in the educational system in our country.

    1. Thanks Jessy,
      Yes University do have these discussions. Perhaps we aren’t there when they do so.

      But I do agree that not many universities give room for such free expressions.

      Thanks for your interest shown in TRACI.

  2. Glad to see a youthful breath of fresh air in TRACI. Such initiatives certainly need to be perpetrated to maintain the contemporary relevance. And when you have sufficient material, it may be worthwhile to get them circulated widely either in print or non-print formats.
    Thank you for sharing the snaps and snippets from the latest discussions.

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