Survey: Gender Violence against Women in Indian Christian Families

We are sharing links to a set of survey forms, in an attempt to study domestic violence against Christian women in India, especially the response of the Church towards this issue. It is an all-India study, but limited to Christians. 

If you are a _Christian woman in India who has faced violence at home in any way_, we would strongly encourage you to share your experience and fill up the first form. You may be single, or married to a Christian, or otherwise. As you can see from the form, confidentiality is maintained as we do not ask for personal details like name, phone number etc. 

If you have walked alongside women in such difficult situations, in your capacity as _Pastor or church leader_, or as _counsellor or NGO worker_, kindly share your experiences in the second or third form below. We also want to hear from _Pastors’ wives and informed lay members_ who are crucial to the church (the fourth form).

If you belong to any of these categories, kindly consider answering our questions through the appropriate link for your category. It will not take much time. But your response can go a long way in understanding domestic violence better in our country, and hopefully in addressing this issue in a more effective way. 

Thank you very much,
Theological Research and Communication Institute (TRACI), Delhi

The different links for different people:

*Women who faced violence:*

*Pastors and church leaders:*

*Counsellors and NGO workers:*

*Informed lay members and Pastor’s wife:*

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