Christian Mind Series (CMS)

The “Christian Mind Series” (CMS) is the TRACI venture, in her mission, to promote Christian thinking and understanding.  Our Christian vocation today calls for a critical dialogue between the Word and the world.  Only then can we be a people of understanding.

ln our media-dominated age, the world is too much with us. We derive most, if not all, of our insights from such sources. We are thus totally immersed in the surrounding or emerging culture, and are conditioned by it. There is a great need hence, to develop a Christian counter-culture. That is possible only if we participate in a thinking fellowship (not necessarily a fellowship of thinkers !).

The CMS aims just at this timely task, no matter how dispersed this fellowship may be. We in TRACI believe that, despite distances and superficial differences, we are, as our Lord said. “One flock, one Shepherd” (Jn. 10:16).

Responses to our Socio-Political Context as Acts of Faith