Call For Papers 2019

National Conference


God, Humans and Earth: Climate Change and Its implications

Organised by

Theological Research and Communication Institute, New Delhi.

Date: 10th September, 2019

Concept Note:

Climate change is real. The debate is how quick the rate of change is. This is where conspiracy theories abound. There are voices that contest the urgency of mitigating climate change. They find it difficult to believe that we are nearing the end. For these people, there is no sufficient reason to panic. However, there are also those who think that death is anyhow a reality and given that it is about ‘when’, it does not matter whether the earth perishes next year or in the next millennium. These people reason that what really matters is that people be saved in the name of Christ and be prepared for eternal life in heaven. The dying earth is not worth saving, and it cannot be saved. They reason based on certain texts from the Bible, and sometimes reinforced by Physics which tells us that the Universe will run out of energy one day and die.

Why do we even have to try to save the earth? This is a question that will need clarification, again and again. Without a plausible answer to this question, the effort to save the earth will not gather momentum. This can be followed by other questions such as: What causes climate change? How must we mitigate climate change? What is sustainable growth? The answers to these questions will be many and varied.

To that end scholars and activists across different academic disciplines and various walks of life need to come together and exchange ideas on how we should live now? TRACI as a theological research centre would like to invite theological reflection on climate change and issues related to this matter, in addition to engaging in a dialogue with natural sciences, social sciences and so on. The conference therefore attempts to bring together scholars from different spheres of engagement to contribute towards the flourishing of God’s creation.

Some possible topics / sub-themes for engagement are listed below, though it is not an exhaustive one, and related topics may be explored:

  1. Christian thinkers and earth-keeping.
  2. God, creation and human soul.
  3. Does matter matter?
  4. 2 Peter 3: 12-13.
  5. Climate change and conspiracy theories.
  6. Climate change: Causes and implications
  7. Who bears the brunt of climate change?
  8. Economic growth and sustainable lifestyle
  9. Clean energy

Important Dates and information:

  1. Conference Date: 10th September, 2019.
  2. Last Date for Abstract Submission: 1st July, 2019.
  3. Last date of Full-length Paper Submission: 31st August, 2019.

No registration fee.

Scholars from outside of Delhi who are presenting papers can be provided accommodation in TRACI House.

Abstract Submission:

Abstracts not exceeding 250-300 words on any of the aforesaid themes and a brief biographical statement in a doc format should be sent to by 1st July 2019. 

The abstracts selected by the organiser will be notified to the author through email on or before 10th July, 2019.

Submission Guideline:

  1. Papers for the conference must conform to the word limit of 3500-5000 words along with an abstract of 250-300 words.
  2.  Provide 3-6 key-words at the end of the abstract.
  3.  Do not quote from Wikipedia.
  4. Authors are requested to follow Chicago Manual style sheet for the purpose of referencing.
  5. Authors are requested to use TIMES NEW ROMAN font throughout the text.
  6.  Line spacing should be “1.5”.
  7. Paper should be submitted only in MS-Word format.
  8. Plagiarism or articles submitted or published elsewhere will not be accepted.
  9. Editors of the conference publication may edit the manuscripts for clarity and reduce the length of the paper if it exceeds the word limit.

Venue: E-537, TRACI (Theological Research and Communication Institute), Greater Kailash, New Delhi